QUICK HITS: Chisholm, Whitehouse

Susan Moeller's picture
Director, International Center for Media & the Public Agenda, U of Md

Stewart CHISHOLM, senior program manager, Open Society Media Program:  "It's surprising still to see the low amount of direct investment in the media.  Marguerite Sullivan (of CIMA) noted in the first session this morning that only 24 percent of media development support goes into direct assistance.  Are donors considering greater direct support to media?"

Mark WHITEHOUSE, director of Media Development Programs, International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX):  "Too often in other conferences talk about indicators has been destructive:  all talk about what is wrong with them, rather than a looking forward.  Sometimes the conversation has gone to 'the perfect becomes the enemy of the good,' where the indicators are not perfect so they are discredited.  The debate about what can we do better should take place within the understanding of the resource and the data constraints that we have."